Note: There have been several editions of the Sabre 30 Owner's Manual over the production lifespan (1979 - 1993) of this model.
My manual (reproduced with the gracious permission of Sabre Yachts) appears to be dated October 1982.
All rights to the manual content, both text and drawings, remain the property of Sabre Yachts.
Hard copies of the Sabre 30 Manual are available from Sabre Yachts for about $40.00.   Contact Glenn Chaplin at Sabre.
I have attempted to reproduce the original manual accurately, please don't sue me if you find an error!

Digital edition of the Sabre 30 Owner's Manual

Download a zip file of the manual - 2.42MB  


a self-extracting zip file (this is a 32 bit Windows executable)

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